CharterHacks 2021!

Want to grow your skills in programming, or are interested in building apps and games? Join us over August 6-9 in CharterHacks 2021! In this online Hackathon, you have the chance to harness your skills and make friends while creating amazing projects. Sign up and experience the weekend event with fun events and games where you can meet other like-minded programmers! Best of all, win amazing prizes with your astounding projects!

The competition is over! We saw many great projects. The winning projects can be seen on our DevPost. Thanks for everyone who participated and submitted their projects.


CharterHacks is an online hackathon run by students in the Charter School of Wilmington. In this hackathon, we hope to bring the brightest students from around the world to participate in a weekend hackathon with many fun events, games, and prizes to keep everyone entertained! If you have any questions about this hackathon, you can email us at or talk with us through Discord.


You are given August 6-9th to create a project in a team of 1-4. Submissions and additional information can be found on DevPost. In your submission, you will include a presentation of your project that will show your idea in motion while answering other important questions such as challenges you had to overcome during creation, what your project does, and its audience.


Grading will be fairly simple. You will be graded based on creativity, complexity, and the originality of your idea. The rubric is found here. Plagiarism in this contest will not be tolerated, though website templates and use of code snippets will be allowed (with given credit in the code). Your goal shouldn't be to win, but just to have fun!

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